How to adapt the food matrix to unleash the potential of algae and marine ingredients?

In order to develop a competitive position in the field of microalgae, and marine ingredients the most important challenges are cost reductions, technical breakthroughs and a more flexible food matrix. Some weaknesses of the European algae sector are the low internal demand for microalgae-based food and feed products and the difficulties in achieving commercial authorization of algae-derived products in the EU markets due to the Novel Food regulation in Europe.

The most important EU regulations on production and marketing of microalgae-based products for food and feed are the Food Safety Regulation (EC 178/2002) and the Novel Food Regulation (EC 258/97). The latter is particularly relevant because it provides the authorization procedures for all new food and feed products. Authorization is the first and key step for the commercialization of any new food and feed product, including the ones from microalgae, and producers must provide all the scientific evidences that new products are substantially equivalent to the traditional ones in order to be authorized. Nutrition and Health claims made on foods are also regulated (EC 1924/2006).

The innovation workshop will discuss some of the ideas that could be presented to the European commission in order to unleash this potential, taking into account the importance of food safety and security. The workshop will be moderated by our friends from Cogea. Due to the format of this innovation workshop only 20 participants will be invited to join.

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