Consortium of SME to develop new biodegradable bioplastic.

Even if biodegradable bioplastic and packaging is a minefield of confusing messages, BioMarine has decided to engage and will launch a new approach in October at the occasion of our next Biomarine convention.

Plastics are useful and when used correctly they have true positive impacts on our lives. We can estimate that Biopolymer or biodegradable plastic will definitively contribute to a more positive environmental impact. In this context our innovation workshop will discuss the following points:

  • What could the role of bioplastics and biodegradable packaging?
  • Should we switch all packaging so that it is made from bioplastics
  • Can marine bio resources and byproducts such as seaweed, fish scale, crab shell, bacteria provide the starch we need to produce enough bioplastic?
  • what would be the ideal biorefinery concept to fit with the production associated to these products and byproducts?
  • What economical model for which specialty market?
  • How can we structure the right partnership with big industry players from distribution, nutrition and cosmetic?

The workshop is moderated by our friends from Cogea. Due to the innovation workshop format, only 20 selected attendees will be invited. If you think you can actively contribute to the development of this project contact me at so I can include you in the list of participants.

Time to get onboard: register to our fall convention at


Best in blue

Pierre Erwes - BioMarine Chairman

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