The best place to start your blue venture - BioMarine poll

BioMarine Poll:

where will you start your next Blue Venture?


6789 active professionals and SMEs from our network have been asked where they would likely start their next blue venture?


We received 1467 answers (21.6 %)

  • 17% are ingredients and raw materials producers (micro algae and seaweed included)
  • 3% are fish aquaculture producers
  • 9% are feed producers
  • 13% are biorefinery and biotechnology
  • 14% are nutraceuticals and human nutrition
  • 9% are drug discovery
  • 12% are biomaterials
  • 8% are bioplastic
  • 10% are cosmetics
  • 3% are IP and Legal
  • 2% ICTs


  • 32% of answers are from Europe
  • 35% of answers are from North America
  • 12% of answers are from SE Asia and Australia
  • 8% of answers are from South America
  • 9% of answers are from Middle east
  • 4% of answers are from Africa


Each participant was asked to list the 3 most attractive countries, regions, and cities where they wish to start their next blue venture. We asked them to take into consideration the public and private support, the tax incentives, the clustering aspect, the connection with industry and investors etc….

STEP2: After we received the first results, the Biomarine community was then asked to fine tune the selection. Over the 10 best places to start your blue venture, name the one you’ll prefer:

We received 381 votes!

N°1 Singapore and USA, California, San Diego

N°3 Portugal, Lisbon

N°4 Canada, Quebec, Montreal

N°5, Spain, Gran Canaria, Las Palmas

N°6 China Shenzhen

N°7 Norway, Tromsø

N°8 South Korea Seoul

N°9 USA, Florida, Miami

N°10 USA, Massachusetts, Boston

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