Unleash the potential of Micro algae in Human nutrition

The increasing demand for healthy food and non-animal protein could be the spark that will ignite the microalgae market as a novel source of natural ingredients and compounds. Microalgae-produced bioactive compounds and molecules are being actively researched to determine their capabilities and potential benefits to consumers. The results so far point to promising future developments. The real problem we are facing is not the production capability. Many European producers including Buggy Power (Portugal), A4F (Portugal), and TAM (France) could do the job. The main issue is EU regulation. The existing novel food matrix is archaic and does not take into account the real potential of fresh water and marine micro algae. Pierre Calleja, the President of Odontella (vegetal salmon made of micro algae), who is a pioneer in the sector, was recently explaining how difficult it is for a small company to convince our friends from the European Commission to enlarge the existing framework and take into account market trends and realities. Protein production will be one of our society's next challenges and the failure to anticipate this demand will require Europe to import protein products from abroad. I look forward to having a real constructive discussion on this topic at #BioMarine2018. What about you? What issue would you like to bring forward?


Pierre Erwes

BioMarine Chairman

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