BioMarine 360°: Meet Saga Natura and her CEO (copy)


and first BioMarine 360° !

Starting this week, you will have the possibility to access our new online content that will help open new opportunities and perspectives:


🎥 BioMarine 360 : short interviews of unique talents who developed innovative products and strategies

One hour with... : a fire-side chat with key actors about hot blue economy topics

🤝 Thematic workshops followed by 1-to-1 : bringing the best of a sector together to solve a specific challenge


2021 begins with the BioMarine 360 : focus on Lilja Kjalarsdóttir, CEO Saga Natura, Iceland . Click on the photo below to  view the interview.

Then, look at the short links following the video  so you can get the full detailed programme of the year, save the date for the events you choose to listen to, register for those you wish to attend.

Short links: 


▶️   REGISTER HERE for Jan 28th Workshop on Financing the blue economy

▶️   Memberships: Free sign-in and you are a regular member. You can then upgrade to a premium account if you want and enjoy all digital events for free and extra perks that will help to expand your business like never before. Grid of Memberships HERE

I hope this new programme will inspire your and your business and I look forward getting your feedback on it.

Let’s talk about it!

Stay safe. Best in Blue .

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