5 good reasons to fall for Portugal - Photo credit BioHub

Welcome to Portugal, welcome to Cascais. BioMarine Business Convention, was launched 10 year ago, and it’s now established in Portugal for good. With a brand new approach and a brand new concept BioMarine and MyBlueCity will work on establishing a strong economic blue hub to foster the development of our blue bio economy. Saying that, I wished to share with you,5 good reasons why you ‘ll fall for Portugal:

1-  The first reason is definitely the country. The country has been through turbulences during the last years, but the Portuguese people will still open their heart and welcome you in a unique way made of simplicity and authenticity.

2-  The second reason is more pragmatic. This country is one of the largest countries in Europe. And the main color on the map will is definitively the blue. Ever since the government has decided to implement its blue strategy for Ocean, Portugal has become the hottest place in Europe for marine bio resources development. I have been meeting with many SMEs, research centres, investors, and government officials and each time I have been impressed by the quality of their work. There is a perfect alchemy ready to transform blue into gold.

3-  The development of their marine bio resources network beings me to my third point. By nesting biomarine industries, Portugal will directly benefit from the existing raw materials and the tremendous potential of their economic zone. The government has developed a unique legal framework to foster investment and R&D partnerships.

4-  The fourth point I wish to bring out concerns business attractiveness. Wherever you may come from, there is always a good reason to set up your business here in Portugal. Wages are very competitive, quality of the services is excellent, research facilities are top and industry can often play the role of the private equity. Whatever the sector, we will find a blue solution to solve your challenges! Try us.

  5-  Last but not least, HISTORY! Portugal is a maritime nation. They were the first ones to go around the world, opening trading places in the most strategic cities. When Portugal joined the European Community, the country turned his back to the ocean and tried to compete on land with more advanced countries. It took all the energy of one generation of politicians to convince Portuguese to go back to the ocean where they belong. Their future is out there.

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