BioMarine Convention 2020 | Bio(marine)-based packaging with PICC

BioMarine Convention 2020 | Bio(marine)-based packaging with PICC

BioMarine has taken practical steps and actions that promote the use of (marine) bio-based plastics for industrial applications. Now, innovative solutions can be explored through industry relevant R&D projects. Key stakeholders are sought for a solid Blue Bio Plastics Consortium that works on the best strategies to implement Blue Solutions into the market. The time is now for actions that introduce best practices, and novel products and applications for advancing a sustainable circular blue economy. 

As so, it is with great excitement that BioMarine announces a new partnership for the BioMarine Convention 2020 - PICC, the Plastics Innovation Competence Center (Switzerland), will lead the materials sessions and debates under the leadership of Dr. Rudy Koopmans. Our common objective is to promote and set-up operational projects related to bio(marine)-based packaging. The BioMarine Convention 2020 is the occasion to discover the latest technical developments and to meet startups operating in the field.

What will be these sessions all about?

These sessions address some of the key unanswered questions: How can we add value to current plastics and bio(marine)-based alternatives? How to influence consumer behavior using digital technologies for a global approach?  How to improve or reinvent the whole value-chain? When developing new bio(marine) -based materials, what are the steps to bring them (efficiently) into the market?

To do so, these are the main topics that will be discussed:

→ Value shift

Consumer priorities have changed – globalization, demography, health, “bio”, and service VS ownership

→ Practical implications

From products to services, addressing consumer needs

→ Financial consequences

Novel business approaches - from share of market to share of market value

→ What impacts consumer behavior

Focus on needs and wants

→ Solutions marrying digital, ecological, social, and economical value capture

Engage all citizens through incentive programs for proper after-use product handling


Stay tuned for more news on the BioMarine 2020 sessions!

Interested in these topics? Check below our interview with Dr. Rudy Koopmans

Last year, we got the chance to discuss with Dr. Rudy Koopmans the work his team is developing at PICC, some deep considerations into bio-based plastics and further discussion on what is, indeed, the best solution to the overall plastic challenge. Click below to check it out!


Best in blue and stay safe,

BioMarine Team. 



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