MyBlueCity is going Digital!

After two live editions of the MyBlueCity in Portugal and Canadá, we have decided to bring the MyBlueCity concept to the digital world!

This version follows the original concept of the MyBlueCity, but adds a little twist! If you all remember (if not, here's an excellent opportunity to do so) the MyBlueCity is an immersive exhibition that mimics a small a city, where each district is dedicated to a specific thematic of the blue economy - Offshore, Harbor, Factory, Food, Pharmacy, Education and Business. In each district, Projects, Start-ups and Companies showcase their products and services, making all visitors feel what it would be like to live in a city where all goods come from.....the sea! See bellow what we mean and check the video HERE!

The digital version of the MyBluecity aims to connect and interview Projects, Start-ups and Companies working in the blue economy worldwide, and build an online repository in the BioMarine Community.  The entities showcased will show what they are doing (and what they want to do) and the Community will have the chance to interact directely with them. Check the scheme bellow!


Stay tuned as the first Interview will be out next week (tuesday, 15 January)!

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